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Choosing the right contraceptive method for you

Choosing the perfect contraceptive method that suits your lifestyle

Contraception and family planning

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15 August 2022  •  1 m read

What you need to know about STI screening and management

If you suspect that you might have an STI, visit our clinic nearest to you for a full consultation.

Help and Advice

1 August 2022  •  3 m read

Tips for navigating menopause

A woman nearing menopause will experience an irregular period (some women might go several months without a period,…

Help and Advice

29 June 2022  •  3 m read

Things you need to know about early pregnancy

Giving your child a great start to life and being an awesome mom starts way before their birth.

Help and Advice

29 November 2021  •  6 m read

How your body changes after birth

Bringing a whole new life into the world is probably going to be the biggest mission your body accomplishes and

Help and Advice

2 November 2021  •  6 m read

Why are my breasts painful?

Feeling a twinge of pain in your breasts can be a worry, but breast pain is common and, on its own, is rarely a…

Help and Advice

2 October 2021  •  5 m read

How can I keep my vagina healthy?

When you talk about taking good care of your body, you don’t always think about your vagina. But knowing how…

Help and Advice

13 September 2021  •  6 m read

How can I have a healthy pregnancy?

Now that you’re pregnant, it’s more important than ever to take care of yourself both physically and…

Help and Advice

13 August 2021  •  5 m read

How do I know if I’m pregnant?

Waiting for your period to arrive can be agonizing if you think you might be pregnant. Whether a positive pregnancy…

Help and Advice

15 June 2021  •  6 m read

Why have my periods changed?

It’s not unusual for your periods to change over time. Bleeding can get heavier or lighter, and cramps can come…

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