Social marketing

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Ensuring access to all

We use social marketing to ensure that people have the option to buy high-quality, sexual and reproductive healthcare products in a location that’s convenient.

We try to reach clients through a range of methods. This includes the distribution of high quality medical products through pharmacies. Often we integrate community-based distribution of products within our outreach and clinics. We also use trusted members of the community as a way of delivering health services. We empower community members to provide information, counselling and low technology primary healthcare services directly to other members of their community.

Accessibility in remote areas

In the most rural and remote regions across Zimbabwe, people can experience great difficulty trying to access our services.

Our social marketing program particularly benefits women and men who, for whatever reason, are unlikely to ever visit a professional healthcare provider. Through social marketing, they can still access some basic family planning and reproductive health products and services. It also provides an opportunity to offer information and referrals to our other services. 

“Population Services Zimbabwe uses social marketing to ensure that people have an option to buy high-quality, affordable contraceptive products on the private market.”